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Perlite, Coarse

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Non-combustible, perlite is essentially expanded glass that is retrieved from areas where a volcano has been active. Perlite is initially quarried, crushed, and then fractionated or divided up into its various parts: those that will be capable of being expanded into useful perlite, and those that are not. The useful form of the product will have a typical grain size between 0.14 and three millimeters. These particles will later be expanded at high heat to give the final product its airy texture.

Perlite is non-fibrous, which makes it safe for use. However, it can contain perlite dust particles, so it is best to work with it moist to prevent the inhalation of these particles.

Nutrient-rich water is attracted to the small crevices in the perlite particles, and this capillary feature is why it can also provide moisture to your plants as well as aide in providing oxygen.


Price is per ltr. you can buy from 1 to 5 ltrs.  without additional charge for shipping.

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