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The Philippine Hoya Desktop Calendar

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The 2024 Philippine Hoya desktop calendar features twelve Philippine native *Hoya* species.

The species included for this edition are Hoya carnosa, H. imbricata, H. josetteae, H. edanoi, H. diversifolia, H. paziae, H. heuschkeliana, H. halconensis, H. cumingiana, H. bilobata, H. multiflora, and H. blashernaezii contributed by PNPCSI members and friends or supporters and Dr. Fernando Aurigue.

The desktop calendar measures 6.5 inches by 8.75 inches.  There are 28 pages or 14 back-to-back sheets.  The monthly calendar is a two-sided print that has been designed to be used as postcard afterwards.  There are many different pictures per sheet and there is a monthly educational write up about the 12 species.

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