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Rhipsalis calliformis - Mistletoe Cactus

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Rhipsalis, also commonly known as mistletoe or coral cactus, is a tropical lithophytic (growing on rocks) or epiphytic (growing on trees) cactus without spines that has long, thin draping, cascading stems. Rhipsalis grows best indoors in indirect, filtered light conditions with acidic soil. It likes moist soil but not soggy wet and warmer temperatures that never dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rhipsalis cacti are a relatively slow-growing species, which is fortunate since some specimens can grow up to 20 feet long after many years.

These plants should be thought of as tropical and not as cactI! They definitely can dry out and go limp, so keep them watered well. You may want to bottom water to help keep the branches from getting mushy.

These plants can take bright indirect light all the way down to low light. Naturally, they grow in the shade of large trees, so they are much more shade tolerant than the average succulent.

Mistletoe cactus can grow towards the light source, so rotate your plant regularly to keep it balanced and even

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