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Hoya dasyantha

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Hoya  dasyantha cuttings, rooted and potted


Plant 1 - small cutting, one node

Plant 2 - two nodes

This species has leaves similar to Hoya carnosa but the leaves are big and have furry undersides like Hoya fungii.


Biggest leaf measures 8cm W x 15cm L


 This Hoya belongs to the Hoya section along with Hoya carnosa, Hoya fungii, Hoya crassifolia and  Hoya, serpens and Hoya compacta.

 Except for Hoya serpens, all the Hoyas in this section has clear sap. The leaves of this Hoya are furry like Hoya fungii, but the form is more like that of Hoya carnosa, which are pointed . 


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