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Rare Hoya kloppenburgii

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Two nodes rooted cutting. .

Photo of the blooms from Vermont Hoyas used for reference only. 

Information about this Hoya:

Hoya kloppenburgii was collected  by Ted Green and named after his friend and fellow Hoya collector Dale Kloppenburg.   

Natural habitat: forests at 1000m (3300 feet) on Borneo, Malaysia
Flowers: rolled-up (folded); 1cm (½”); both corolla and corona are yellow; up to 15 flowers per umbel; fresh scent and last a long time anywhere from 8-10 days. 
Leaves: stiff; 13x5cm (5⅛” x 2″); silver mottled dark green, no visible veins
Soil: orchid mix
Light: full sun to partial shade
Watering: plenty, but(!) let it dry out between waterings
Hardiness: not lower than 14°C (57°F)
Growing habit: scrambling

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