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Hoya archboldiana

Hoya archboldiana

Hoya archboldiana was discovered on November 3, 1933 in Papua New Guinea and was named after the famous American aviator and explorer Richard Archbold (1907 – 1976).
This Hoya has very hard and large leaves up to 20x7cm, or approx 8×3 inches oval shaped but narrows down to a sharp tip at the edge. The flowers are large up to 2 inches or 5cm across, bell shaped, and can vary in color from white to red.
It is cultivated as an ornamental plant, requiring protection in temperate climates, where it may be used as a houseplant.This plant does not like to be cold. It prefers growing in a loose soil mix and kept barely moist at all times. To get it to bloom it needs to be under 12 hours fluorescent lighting in a warm and humid spot preferably in a grow tent.
This Hoya is one of my favourite Hoyas for flowers, next to Hoya caudata. I have more than 10 of this Hoya in my personal collection in the Philippines because I am hoping to see a lot of those big flowers.
The flowers from buds to full bloom
The leaves
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