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June 2024 Sale!

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Welcome to Hoya Obsession NZ

A hoya lover sharing her hoyas and giving the best advice and tips about hoyas to the New Zealand plant community.


Hoyas, also known as Hoya plants or wax plants, are a diverse genus of tropical succulent vines that belong to the Apocynaceae family. These plants are highly popular among indoor gardeners and plant enthusiasts due to their attractive foliage and unique blooms.

"Huge shout out to Hoya Obsession NZ! I placed an order for 2 Hoyas yesterday at 12:50 and they arrived perfectly at 9:00am this morning! That’s the fastest I’ve ever had anything shipped! Thanks for my beauties, and thanks NZ Post for the speedy delivery! Highly recommend Hoya Obsession NZ!"

– Leandra R.

"Ces and Phil have been the best place for advice and Hoyas! We are extremely grateful for all the hard work, time, patience and care that has gone into these getting and growing plants!! If you would like interesting and beautiful Hoyas, Hoya Obsession is the place to be! Seriously, some amazingly special people"

– Toni C.

"I always receive beautifully healthy Hoya from Hoya Obsession. My Hoya nummularioides from Ces has been growing for over a year and recently flowered for the first time - and has seven peduncles! It’s beautiful, like all my other Hoya from Ces. Highly recommend this business. Ces knows her Hoya and is a genuinely honest lady."

– Jay Jay W.