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Hoya ‘Minibelle'

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Rooted cuttings of Hoya 'Minibelle' , 3-5 nodes actively growing, in hanging baskets, most of them have peduncles



Hoya cv. Minibelle is a cross between Hoya shepherdii and Hoya carnosa. It is named after the hybridizer's wife Minibelle Hummel. The name of the hybridizer is Ed Hummell. The Cultivated Plant Code dictates that cultivar names must be in upper case. There is a sister seedling to Hoya cv Minibelle called Hoya cv Sheperdell.


• Light: Bright, indirect light• Water: Like most hoyas, it is drought tolerant. Water when the top 1-2" of soil or substrate feels dry to the touch •

Considerations: Use a well-draining substrate/medium, and select a planter with drainage.



The long narrow leaves are from Hoya sheperdii and the flecks from Hoya carnosa. If this Hoya is grown in a little darker spot, the leaves can get to over 20 cm. and the splashes become more prominent.


The flat flowers are light pink and about 2 cm each. There is about 15-20 flowers in an umbel. The flowers have a pleasant fragrance similar to Hoya sheperdii but not as strong. They last for a week.



Place in a sunny, light position, but shade from direct bright sun to avoid foliage scorch. In winter a minimum night temperature of not less than 10°C.


Well draining and well aerated Hoya mix is essential for all Hoyas. This can be made using one part by volume orchid bark, one part peat free compost and one part coarse perlite. Alternatively, use cactus and succulent mix but add some extra perlite.

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