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Hoya bilobata - Sierra Bullones (Ceramic Pot 1)

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Shop Hoya bilobata - Sierra Bullones (Ceramic Pot 1) at Hoya Obsession!

A rooted cutting currently in Hoya Obsession NZ mix # 3.


Hoya bilobata Sierra Bullones yellow orange

The color yellow or orange is not common for H bilobata so Sierra Bullones, Bohol has another gem.

The leaves are unusual for being dimorphic with a few rounds strewn in mostly obovate-oblongs. Delicately pubescent especially discernible when immature, turning more calcareous with age. Flowers are born from rather thin filamentous pedicels. Corolla is typical hairy and revolute. Coronas are bilobed. Inner processes are obtuse and gapped apart from the prominent anther appendages.

A rather fast grower and refreshingly heat-resilient, perfect for low lowland conditions.

#hoyabilobata #philippineendemic

Special thanks to Dr. Dia Baricuatro for allowinf me to use this information and her photos.

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