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Hoya flavida

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Rooted and potted cuttings. 

Plant 1 - 4 nodes

Plant 2 - 2 nodes

Plant 3 - 1 node

Note: Photo 1 , collated from photos off the internet. 

Currently my favorite Hoya because of its red/fuschia foliage. 


Hoya Flavida have lovely orange flowers & gorgeous red leaves.The leaves are 8-12 cm long, 3-5 cm wide and turn lovely red in the sun. The leaves have very few spots. The leaves tend to curl and become more cup shaped. 

The orange flowers can be darker if it gets a lot of sun with vanilla like fragrance in the evening. The corona is lighter with red in the center and each flower is about 2 cm and almost flat. In an umbel there can be 20-30 flowers and sometimes even more. The flowers last more than a week.

Hoya flavida comes from MT Gallego in the Solomon Islands and was described in 1993. As far as Hoya flowers go, the blooms of this Hoya are outstanding, if for no other reason then the flowers don’t drip any nectar.

Hoya flavida needs very little water and is sensitive to over watering. You can easily go 2-3 weeks without watering this plant, and it will be happier for it.

This Hoya is also listed as Hoya Mt. Gallego in the PBI. 

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